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Product Service and Solutions

Product Service and Solutions

Intelligent Wealth Management

Financial investment services can be both technological and retaining existing temperatures. Instant research provides the best service tools for financial institution representatives, providing investment consulting through automated systems; retaining eyes and hands, allowing customers to enjoy the most respected VIP investment services.

“Instant Wealth Management Trust Consultant System” considers multiple factors such as customer risk tolerance, customer preferences, financial institution preferences, etc., performs AI calculations and comparisons, and proposes the best portfolio recommendation for VIP customers. At the same time, there are AI The robot provides relevant data on the recommended portfolio, portfolio prediction and historical backtesting of the relevant portfolio as a key element of the business representative’s recommendation. Under the conditions of the serial connection, it is also possible to provide one-stop investment and wealth management services, so that customers can place orders directly after completing the recommended investment, complete all processes, and be convenient and efficient!

Product Advantages

The process is simple and actionable, allowing business representatives to provide professional services anytime, anywhere
Multi-factor AI operation provides the best placement option
Customer preferences and AI operations can be selected to provide the most flexible operational process
Group forecasting and historical backtesting analysis to provide the most professional service quality
Efficient investment recommendation and instant gold flow order to reduce customer hesitation
System migration is replicated to financial institutions, reducing the risk of control by various agencies
Constructing models with eight algorithms to enhance operational precision and performance
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