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Thiz Technology Group

Shareholder (ordinary share) rights
  • The company’s articles of association contain the rights of shareholders.
  • All shares have voting rights and are eligible for dividends declared.
  • According to the Articles of Association of the Company, shareholders holding not less than one-tenth of the paid-up share capital may request the board of directors to convene an extraordinary general meeting and indicate the purpose of the meeting on the relevant request (acceptance registration office). .
  • Proposal of Resolutions on Other Matters at Shareholders’ Meetings Shareholders are required to comply with the rules and procedures set out in the Company’s Articles of Association.
  • According to the Articles of Association of the Company, if any shareholder wishes to recommend a person who will resign as a director to participate in the general meeting, the shareholder shall be within 7 days from the date of the notice of the meeting (or any of the directors’ time and time to enter into and publish In other periods), a written nomination notice will be sent to the company secretary.
  • Shareholders are entitled to receive a printed copy of the company newsletter.
  • Shareholders holding shares in the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) may, from time to time, notify the Company through Central Clearing Limited if they intend to receive corporate communications.
Shareholder communication policy
  • The provisions contained in this policy are intended to ensure that shareholders can obtain information about the company in a timely manner. On the one hand, shareholders can exercise their powers in an informed manner, and on the other hand, they can strengthen communication with shareholders.
  • The Board of Directors continues to maintain a dialogue with shareholders and will review this policy regularly to ensure effectiveness.
  • The main channels through which the Company communicates information to shareholders are: the company’s financial report; the annual general meeting and other possible general meetings; and all disclosures submitted to the Stock Exchange, as well as corporate communications and other companies. The publication is posted on the website.
  • If shareholders have any problems with their shareholdings, they should submit them to the company’s share registrar.
  • Company newsletters distributed to shareholders are written in plain Chinese and English, in order to facilitate shareholders to understand the content of communications. Information sent by the Company to the Stock Exchange will also be posted on the company’s website. Relevant information includes financial statements, performance announcements, circulars, notices of shareholders’ meetings and related explanatory documents.
  • Shareholders should participate in the general meeting of shareholders. If they are not present, they may be appointed to attend and vote at the meeting. Board members Appropriate executives and external auditors will attend the annual general meeting to answer questions from shareholders.
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